Bill # Bill Description Updated
S.1688 Cosponsored  — Empowering Medicare Seniors to Negotiate Drug Prices Act of 2017
S.1685 Cosponsored  — Credit Score Competition Act of 2017
S.1690 Sponsored  — CCAMPIS Reauthorization Act
S.1674 Cosponsored  — School Building Improvement Act of 2017
S.1679 Sponsored  — Foreign Agent Lobbying Transparency Enforcement Act
S.1667 Cosponsored  — Protecting Consumers from Unreasonable Rates Act
S.1647 Cosponsored  — A bill to require the appropriate Federal banking agencies to treat certain non-significant investments in the capital of unconsolidated financial institutions as qualifying capital instruments, and for other purposes.
S.1658 Cosponsored  — Mentoring to Succeed Act of 2017
S.1636 Cosponsored  — Stop Corporate Inversions Act of 2017
S.1640 Cosponsored  — Fair Elections Now Act
S.1637 Cosponsored  — American Business for American Companies Act of 2017
S.1619 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to extend the interest rate limitation on debt entered into during military service to debt incurred during military service to consolidate or refinance student loans incurred before military service.
S.1614 Sponsored  — Video Visitation and Inmate Calling in Prisons Act of 2017
S.1588 Cosponsored  — Democracy Restoration Act of 2017
S.926 Cosponsored  — Global War on Terrorism War Memorial Act
S.1585 Cosponsored  — DISCLOSE Act of 2017
S.1564 Cosponsored  — Refund Equality Act of 2017
S.1560 Cosponsored  — Integrity in Border and Immigration Enforcement Act
S.1547 Cosponsored  — Anti-Voter Suppression Act
S.1544 Cosponsored  — No Funds for Cyber Coordination with Russia Act of 2017
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