Bill # Bill Description Updated
S.4576 Cosponsored  — A bill to provide competitive grants for the promotion of Japanese American confinement education as a means to understand the importance of democratic principles, use and abuse of power, and to raise awareness about the importance of cultural tolerance toward Japanese Americans, and for other purposes.
S.4557 Cosponsored  — A bill to protect a person's ability to access contraceptives and to engage in contraception, and to protect a health care provider's ability to provide contraceptives, contraception, and information related to contraception.
S.4550 Cosponsored  — A bill to provide enhanced funding for family planning services.
S.4544 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend the Public Health Service Act to provide health equity for people with disabilities.
S.4529 Cosponsored  — A bill to provide protections for children in immigration custody, and for other purposes.
S.4525 Sponsored  — A bill to establish the Prairie du Rocher French Colonial National Historical Park in the State of Illinois, and for other purposes.
S.4508 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to establish a free on-line tax preparation and filing service and programs that allow taxpayers to access third-party provided tax return information and information held by the Internal Revenue Service.
S.4504 Cosponsored  — A bill to protect freedom of travel and reproductive rights.
S.4510 Sponsored  — A bill to protect clean air and public health by expanding fenceline and ambient air monitoring and access to air quality information for communities affected by air pollution, to require hazardous air pollutant monitoring at the fenceline of facilities whose emissions are linked to local health threats, to ensure the Environmental Protection Agency promulgates rules that require hazardous air pollutant data measurement and electronic submission at fencelines and stacks of industrial source categories, to expand and strengthen the national ambient air quality monitoring network, to deploy air sensors in communities affected by air pollution, and for other purposes.
S.4500 Cosponsored  — A bill to expand youth access to voting, and for other purposes.
S.4486 Cosponsored  — A bill to improve the health of minority individuals, and for other purposes.
S.4447 Sponsored  — A bill to require all newly constructed, federally assisted, single-family houses and townhouses to meet minimum standards of visitability for persons with disabilities.
S.4419 Cosponsored  — Good Jobs for Good Airports Act
S.4434 Cosponsored  — A bill to protect the privacy of personal reproductive or sexual health information, and for other purposes.
S.4429 Cosponsored  — Fair Warning Act of 2022
S.4422 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase the low-income housing credit for rehabilitation expenditures for buildings achieving enhanced energy performance, and for other purposes.
S.4396 Sponsored  — A bill to require the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study on providing benefits under TRICARE Reserve Select and the TRICARE dental program to members of the Selected Reserve and their dependents
S.4392 Sponsored  — A bill to require the Secretary of Defense to carry out a pilot program on the use of sustainable aviation fuel by the Department of Defense.
S.4387 Sponsored  — A bill to provide for the procurement of parts for commercially derived aircraft.
S.4363 Cosponsored  — A bill to require commissary and exchange stores in the United States that offer gasoline for commercial sale to offer the sale of at least one fuel that contains not less than 13 percent ethanol.
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