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December 2017
Tammy Duckworth reflects on first term in U.S. Senate
Trump’s Scare Tactics on North Korea Scare Us
US senator on North Korea: “Most Americans don’t realize how close we are to this war”
November 2017
Search for World War II medals reveals new honors
Senator to Donald Trump: Americans Deserve to Know the Costs of a North Korea Conflict
October 2017
Congress wants to make Americans with disabilities second-class citizens again
Duckworth: Ending ACA Subsidies Affect The Most Vulnerable
How Trump's budget will make your commute worse
September 2017
Our Troops Need a New War Resolution From Congress
Tammy Duckworth's breastfeeding op-ed underscores need for women leaders
Tammy Duckworth: Why Do We Expect Moms to Pump Milk for Their Children on a Toilet Seat?
Sen. Duckworth presses HUD to get its story straight concerning Cairo relocation effort
August 2017
Duckworth on transgender ban: When I was dying it didn't matter who saved my life
'We Cannot Give In': Sen. Duckworth's Uniquely Personal Stand Against Trump
Purple Heart Vet ‘Incredulous’ Her Senate Colleagues Approved Trump Nominee Who Authored ‘Torture Memos’
Sen. Tammy Duckworth Introduced Legislation To Stop The US From Deporting Veterans
July 2017
Senators seek tougher law for foreign gov’t lobbyists
Tammy Duckworth Blasts Trump Transgender Ban With Her Harrowing Experience In The Iraq War
Tammy Duckworth: Trump is derelict in his duty
'We're still in crisis mode,' Sen. Duckworth says after visiting Cairo on Sunday
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