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November 2018
Sen Duckworth: Race Riot site should be declared a national monument
Chicago Veterans Honored at City Hall, with help from Sen. Duckworth
I Owe My Life to the Warrior Ethos of My Fellow Troops
Durbin, Duckworth, Foster want probe of Trump EPA response to Sterigenics cancer Risks
October 2018
Senator Duckworth Educates Congress on Impacts of Military Decisions
The 50 Most Influential People in Health Care in 2018: Senator Tammy Duckworth
Women and Power: Tammy Duckworth Says Damn Straight She Fights Like A Girl
Nursing Rooms for Breastfeeding moms now required at all major airports
Duckworth releases statement criticizing Sessions’ opposition of CPD reform
September 2018
Tammy Duckworth Intros Measure Aimed at Getting Lead Out of Public Housing
Sen. Tammy Duckworth: How We Can End the Maternal Death Epidemic
Senator Tammy Duckworth on the Attack that Took Her Legs—and Having a Baby at 50
Duckworth: Kavanaugh is no friend to Midwestern farmers
Tammy Duckworth: Brett Kavanaugh Would Put Businesses Ahead of Americans With Disabilities on the Supreme Court
August 2018
Tammy Duckworth to have open house at new Belleville office
Duckworth fears migrant kids at shelter are hungry and scared
July 2018
Illinois Dems blast Trump for not reunifying all migrant kids by deadline
She's back: Sen. Tammy Duckworth on breast-feeding (probably not on the Senate floor) and her work-life balance
Senator Tammy Duckworth Doesn't Want Her Daughter's Birth to Be News Anymore
Duckworth: Kavanaugh puts Roe v Wade in Peril
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