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January 2024
Tokyo crash raises questions about realism of plane evacuation testing standards
New legislation would require beauty workers to undergo domestic violence prevention training
December 2023
Federal Illinois lawmakers demand answers from Japanese company buying U.S. Steel
‘See the signs’: Federal funds proposed for beauty professionals to receive domestic violence awareness training before being certified
Senators push for salon workers to be trained to spot signs of domestic violence
Tammy Duckworth calls Texas GOP treatment of Kate Cox ‘horrific’
Applesauce lead cases in kids surge amid questions on FDA oversight
Chicago’s Union Station to get $93 million for upgrades
November 2023
Senate Democrats demand answers from manufacturers over RSV drug shortage
Chicago is emerging as a quantum tech hub
Senator introduces legislation to address deportation and other challenges for immigrant veterans
Duckworth introduces legislation to tackle deportation, mental health challenges with immigrant veterans
Air traffic controller fatigue a factor in airport near misses, Senate panel told
A shortage of air traffic controllers is hurting safety, aviation experts warn Senate
October 2023
Duckworth: Stellantis could be the beginning of big companies choosing Illinois to set up shop
Lawmakers propose 7 days paid leave for families who experience miscarriage or other unsuccessful parenthood attempts
Democratic lawmakers push paid leave for pregnancy loss
New Bill Would Offer Paid Leave for Pregnancy Loss and Other Family-Building Losses
Senators seek over-the-counter birth control access for troops
Demand for Donor Breast Milk in Chicago Area Increasing, As Bipartisan Bill Aims to Improve Access Nationwide
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