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July 2020
Tammy Duckworth Says She Won't Let President Trump 'Politicize Our Government'
A Conversation with Sen. Tammy Duckworth
Harris, Booker, Duckworth Unveil Environmental Justice Measure
U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth Weighs In On Latest Stimulus Plans
Bill Would Mandate EPA Require Toxic Emissions Monitoring
U.S. senators request EPA help to fix “urgent public health crisis” in Centreville
From Jobs to Voting Booths, Accessibility Should be the Default in America | Opinion
Senator Duckworth floats plan to rescue coal country
Tammy Duckworth: Trump ‘cares more about dead traitors than he does about our troops’
Duckworth slams 'disgusting' Trump threat to send federal law enforcement to Chicago: 'Don't even think about it'
Duckworth, Centreville residents say local officials must take action to fix flooding
Duckworth will no longer block military promotions after Pentagon confirms Vindman's would-have-been promotion
'My eyes opened': Duckworth's environmental justice journey
Duckworth asks Esper whether DOD is probing links between troop deaths and Russian bounties
Senator Tammy Duckworth talks ADA and Elections
Duckworth: Trump sees these true patriots as enemies
Duckworth on Russia bounties: How dare Trump still call himself our commander in chief?
Duckworth to hold up confirmations to ensure impeachment witness Vindman's promotion isn't blocked
June 2020
Duckworth Decries Trump Inaction On Bounty Report
Sen. Tammy Duckworth Demands Senate Hearing Into Report Russia Secretly Offered Bounties To Afghan Militants For Killing U.S. Troops
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