April 23, 2024

Duckworth Again Votes to Pass Bipartisan National Security Supplemental Package That Will Help Bolster American Readiness and Support American Allies and Partners


[WASHGINTON, D.C.] – Combat Veteran and U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)—a member of both the U.S. Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees—issued the following statement after the Senate voted 79-18 to send the bipartisan national security aid package providing additional support for our partners and allies and strengthening American military readiness to the President’s desk for his signature:

“After months of needless delay by House Republicans that only served to strengthen Vladimir Putin’s hand, I’m relieved that wide bipartisan majorities in both chambers of Congress voted to send this urgent bipartisan national security package to the President’s desk to finally enable the United States to deliver desperately-needed aid to our partners and allies overseas who are counting on us for support.

Additionally, as our nation continues to confront increasingly complex and escalating threats to global security, this bipartisan package would also protect our national security and bolster our own military readiness by making substantial investments in American manufacturing that create good-paying jobs for hardworking Americans here at home in order to help ensure our brave servicemembers have the equipment they need to be as prepared as possible.

“With the eyes of the world upon us, this bipartisan package sends a strong message that the United States will not shy away from our role as a global leader in the fight to defend democracy against authoritarianism. By helping Ukraine defend themselves from Putin’s forces, supporting our Indo-Pacific partners as we work together to counter the Chinese Communist Party, greatly expanding life-saving humanitarian assistance to the innocent civilians suffering in Gaza and—at the same time—helping Israel eliminate the threats posed by Hamas and protect its people, we are making it clear that we will not abandon our partners and allies in their time of need and I was proud to support it.

“This never should have taken so long, but I’m glad we finally got it done.”