February 07, 2023

Sen. Duckworth on the upcoming SOTU

Source: CI PROUD


WASHINGTON (WMBD)– Senator Duckworth spoke about the upcoming SOTU and what she hopes to see.

Reproductive rights are one of the major issues Duckworth is passionate about. Emphasizing it goes beyond the right to an abortion, but reproductive care in general.

Senator Duckworth was joined by her special guest, Dr. Erin King, a physician who runs the Hope Clinic, a reproductive service provider in Illinois.

“The reason I brought Dr. King here as my guest is that I hope that he (Biden) will make a firm commitment to women’s reproductive health care rights”, said Duckworth.

Dr. King chimed in, “The last six months have been really challenging and terrifying, as we face down all the states surrounding Illinois not providing abortion access.”

Duckworth continued, “The consequences of some of these state laws that are supposedly targeting abortion are actually affecting people’s access to contraception as well as In vitro fertilization. I used IVF to have my two baby girls.”

You can watch President Biden’s State of the Union Address here.

By:  Sam Godby