Environment, Energy and Great Lakes

Senator Duckworth believes that climate change poses grave national security, public health and economic threats to our nation that Congress must swiftly address. Already, Illinois and states across the country are witnessing more frequent and severe weather events that not only affect growing seasons, increase heat waves and intensify floods—they can also wipe out entire communities. Illinois is facing this global crisis head-on by supporting more than 100,000 clean energy jobs across the state. Clean energy—like wind, solar and biofuels—is not only good for the environment and our energy security but also helps support strong economic growth in Illinois. With the right investments, Senator Duckworth believes we can cut carbon emissions and provide clean affordable electricity for all, all while creating good paying jobs at the same time.

Senator Duckworth is also proud that our state is home to two National Laboratories—Fermi and Argonne—which work on cutting-edge, world-class clean energy research focused on mitigating the threats posed by climate change. As a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Senator Duckworth is working to ensure sustained and robust funding for the National Laboratory system, which stands at the frontier of our nation’s scientific advances. Our National Laboratories represent America’s crown jewels in scientific and technological investments.

As a mother and advocate for public health, Senator Duckworth understands how important it is that we protect our air, water and environment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 headquarters is located in Illinois, and every day its scientists and public health experts work to make us healthier and safer by cleaning up the Great Lakes and protecting children and families from toxic pollution. Serving on the influential Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Senator Duckworth is committed to supporting EPA’s dedicated employees who work tirelessly across the region day-in and day-out. She is also working to ensure that programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative continue to help Illinois and the region thrive, while reaching across the aisle to help bring more resources to the Midwest.