December 13, 2018

Senator Duckworth to Serve on Senate Armed Services Committee


[WASHINGTON, D.C.] — U.S. Senator and combat Veteran Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) will serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee in the 116th Congress, which will be sworn in on January 3rd, 2019. Duckworth, who served in the Reserve Forces for 23 years before retiring from military service in 2014 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, was among the first Army women to fly combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom before her Black Hawk helicopter was hit by an RPG and she lost her legs as well as partial use of her right arm. She served on the U.S. House Armed Services Committee for 4 years before joining the Senate.

“My buddies in Iraq refused to leave me behind, and I want to make sure that they don’t ever regret those sacrifices that gave me a second chance at life. That’s why ever since I woke up at Walter Reed, I’ve made serving our nation’s servicemembers and Veterans my life’s mission. I’m proud to be able to continue that mission as a member of the Armed Services committee. I’m eager to get to work on the many critical national security issues our nation faces as well as to ensure our troops have the resources, support and moral authority they deserve.”

The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) has jurisdiction over the nation’s common defense, military operations, servicemember pay and retirement, military family benefits and the selective service system. SASC also oversees the Department of Defense, the United States Armed Services and several other national security-related issues at home and abroad.