October 18, 2023

Duckworth Underscores Urgent Need for Confirmed Ambassador to Israel to Address Hateful Rhetoric and Hasten Humanitarian Aid for Innocents in the Middle East


[WASHINGTON, D.C.] – After the horrific fatal stabbing of a six-year-old Palestinian-American in Illinois this weekend, U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) today underscored the role the next U.S. Ambassador to Israel must play in helping address hateful Islamophobic and Antisemitic rhetoric that threatens to escalate the crisis in the Middle East even further. Duckworth, who has consistently supported Israel’s right to defend itself and its people, raised this issue during today’s U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the nomination of Jack Lew to be the next Ambassador to Israel. Full video of her remarks, where she also underscored the urgent need for the Senate to confirm an ambassador to that country to help our nation respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis left in the wake of last weekend’s Hamas terrorists attacks, is available using this link.

“The shocking and tragic murder of six-year-old Palestinian-American Wadea Al Fayoume—and the unspeakable violence that the world has witnessed in Israel over the last week—are painful reminders that we must confront and reject any Islamophobic rhetoric that seeks to conflate the evils of Hamas with the Palestinian people,” said Duckworth. “If confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to Israel—and I hope the Senate confirms him quickly—I look forward to working with Jack Lew to address this difficult but important issue, to provide urgent medical care to the hostages being held by Hamas and ultimately bring them home safely as well as to increase access to food, water, fuel and humanitarian aid to all innocent civilians who are suffering in Gaza. The humanitarian situation is beyond a crisis point and we need to take action now to address it.”

During today’s hearing, Senator Duckworth also secured a commitment from nominee Jack Lew that, if confirmed, he would focus on helping the innocent civilians suffering as a result of the Hamas attacks—including increasing shipments and availability of humanitarian aid in Gaza, access to medical assistance and access to food, water, fuel and sanitation. Duckworth has repeatedly called for swift support for the innocent children and civilians caught in the middle of the violence in Israel, including when she met with nominee Jack Lew on Monday. Duckworth also joined U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) and her colleagues in introducing a bipartisan resolution that would condemn Hamas’s brutal terrorist attacks on Israel and demanding that Hamas release all hostages and allow for their safe return home. Additionally, her recent statement regarding the continuing violence in Israel can be found using the link here.