April 26, 2018

Duckworth Statement on Mike Pompeo


[WASHINGTON, DC] — After voting against Mike Pompeo’s nomination for Secretary of State, combat Veteran and U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) released the following statement:

“Our next Secretary of State should be someone who can effectively represent American values to the rest of the world, rebuild the strength and morale of our diplomatic corps and help restore our standing on the world stage, which Donald Trump has damaged over the course of his presidency. Mike Pompeo will not be that Secretary of State.

“Since joining Donald Trump’s cabinet, Director Pompeo has failed to demonstrate any desire to curb Donald Trump’s rash and reckless tendencies. His opposition to important international agreements like the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran nuclear deal undermines our diplomatic abilities, calls into question our ability to achieve international consensus on other pressing issues and leaves our nation more isolated. His unwillingness to forthrightly address important policy questions about the Trump Administration’s policies during his confirmation is also deeply troubling.

“He also not only refused to declare any moral opposition to torture, he went so far as to call those who engaged in torture ‘patriots.’ His past affiliation with an anti-Muslim hate group and refusal to disavow an anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist is disqualifying.

“Who we confirm for this important post sends a message to the rest of the world about our nation’s commitment, or lack thereof, to our international obligations, to condemning torture and to promoting human rights around the globe. The message we have sent by confirming Director Pompeo is that our nation has abandoned our values.”