February 15, 2024

After Senate Passes Critical Ukraine Aid, Duckworth Helps Prepare Emergency Equipment Shipment for Ukraine


[SCHILLER PARK, IL] – U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) today visited U.S. Ambulances for Ukraine and its nonprofit partner, UA Resistance Foundation, both of which are dedicated to delivering ambulances, fire engines, medical supplies and firefighting equipment to Ukraine, and helped volunteers prepare the next shipment of eight donated emergency vehicles to help the Ukrainian people amid Putin’s unjustified and unprovoked war of choice. This shipment comes as the Senate this week passed a national security supplemental which would provide more than $60 billion in support to Ukraine. Photos of today’s event are available on the Senator’s website.

“Our country and the world remain in awe of the bravery of the Ukrainian people who are so effectively defending their homeland and their freedom while continuing to repel Putin’s forces against overwhelming odds,” Duckworth said. “Seeing the ways Illinoisans are helping our partners in Ukraine—like with this forthcoming shipment of ambulances and emergency medical equipment—is impactful and inspiring, and I was honored to join today’s ceremony. I’m also pleased the Senate finally passed billions in additional critical assistance for Ukraine, but now House Republicans need to step up to ensure this national security supplemental can be signed into law.”

Duckworth today met with U.S. Ambulances for Ukraine Founder Christopher Manson, UA Resistance Foundation Founder Alla Lopatkina and member Nataliia Baranchan, Deputy Consulate General of Ukraine Yevgeniy Drobot, as well as several volunteers and the City Manager of the City of Sterling, Scott Schumard. The City of Sterling donated a surplus fire engine which was delivered in May of 2023 to fire fighters in Ukraine. 

“It was great to have Senator Duckworth come and visit with us and learn more about what we are doing,” said Mason. “We appreciate her service to our Country and we appreciate her support as we work to deliver needed emergency vehicles to first responders in Ukraine.”

“We are deeply honored by and appreciate Senator Duckworth’s visit and commitment to understanding our mission,” Lopatkina said. She embodies profound respect for the sacrifices made by all Ukrainians in the war against Russia. Her support for Ukraine is unwavering, and we hope her visit will spotlight the role played by dedicated grassroots organizations.”

Duckworth, a member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been a strong supporter of Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s invasion and has continuously pushed to help provide more assistance for Ukraine and has continued to meet with Illinoisans with ties to Ukraine.

Coinciding with the two-year anniversary of Russa’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, U.S. Ambulances for Ukraine, in partnership with UA Resistance Foundation, is sending its 10th shipment of donated emergency vehicles. The shipment of eight vehicles will include five ambulances, a fire department SUV, one pickup truck and a wheelchair accessible bus. With this next shipment, the group will have sent 75 total emergency vehicles, which have been distributed throughout Ukraine and have served with medic units, hospitals, fire departments, NGOs and other Ukrainian federal agencies.