July 23, 2021

New Bill to Support Families Experiencing Pregnancy Loss, Invest in Research

Source: WGEM


HANNIBAL, MO (WGEM) -- Chances are you or someone you know has gone through a pregnancy loss.

There's new legislation being talked about in Washington, D.C. to help mother's and families that experience a miscarriage.

The goal is raise awareness and establish new benefits for working families.

Doctors at Hannibal Regional Hospital said pregnancy loss is a real challenge and a lot of families are impacted by it.

They believe access and awareness should be talked about regularly, because it's not right now.

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth introduced 'The Support Through Loss Act' on Tuesday.

The bill would create more access to resources, patient-centered care, and ensure that employers provide at least three days of paid leave.

Doctors believe that is key because pregnancy loss can lead to postpartum depression and other health needs that often get overlooked.

"A miscarriage is very painful, first off," Dr. Jennifer Roberts said. "Often times we try to excuse women from work because it is such a painful process. There is a lot of cramping and bleeding involved and yes they need time off from work and support from their co-workers and boss because there's emotional and physical trauma."

Dr. Roberts said 26% of pregnancy result in a miscarriage and it's more common than people think but not enough research is done on this topic.

That's why this bill would require the CDC to release public information regarding pregnancy loss and invest $45 million annually to the National Institutes of Health for federal research into miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

"Is it an immune component or a chromosomal component, which is what we believe now," Dr. Roberts said. "But there is definitely room for all these unanswered questions to be solved and additional funding would certainly be helpful with that."

The bill is heading to committee, no word on when lawmakers in Washington could bring it up for discussion.

By:  Don Dwyer