September 10, 2020

Duckworth on Trump Downplaying COVID-19 Pandemic: I’m ‘Just Furious’

Source: Independent Journal Review


Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) slammed President Donald Trump over the incriminating audio released by journalist Bob Woodward.

On Thursday, the former combat veteran appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell where she was asked about Trump’s admission to downplaying the coronavirus. Duckworth said that Trump’s actions are infuriating.

“Just furious,” Duckworth said. “I cannot believe that any president of the United States would do this.”

She continued, “And for him to have been out there telling these lies, because that’s what they are lies, at a time when he knew in his own words that this pandemic was five times, at least five times, deadlier than the normal flu.”

Duckworth also recalled Trump’s disdain for masks and how his decision to downplay mask-wearing subsequently influenced his supporters’ stance.

She said, “He was out there telling people not to wear their mask. He’s telling people… that kids can’t catch it. Its more than dereliction of duty. 

“I just cannot imagine anyone with good conscience would do that. Let alone, the leader of our nation,” Duckworth added.

See Duckworth’s remarks below:

Duckworth’s remarks come as the president faces heightened criticism for the audio highlights of his discussions with Woodward. Over the course of several months, Trump had 18 conversations with Woodward.

The president’s remarks about the coronavirus outbreak catapulted to the forefront when it was revealed that he was aware of far more than he admitted to the public, as previously reported on IJR.

Despite the criticism, Trump defended his decision to downplay the coronavirus as he insisted that his purpose was to decrease the chances of sparking panic.

“I always wanted to play it down. I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic,” he said.

As of Thursday afternoon, there are nearly 6.6 million known coronavirus cases across the United States.

By:  Meaghan Ellis