Grants Assistance in My Office

Every year, the federal government makes billions of dollars in grant funding available to individuals, nonprofit organizations, local governments, businesses and other groups. My office is ready to help you identify, apply and track grant opportunities. This page outlines a few of the key resources available to you and your organization better understand the federal grant world.

Get Grant Ready
Before applying for grants, you will need to make sure your organization is grant ready. From registering your organization to enlisting community support, building a budget and organizing your team there are lots of steps you must take before you are ready to submit applications. I have compiled a few key resources that will help you and your organization get grant ready.

Grants Resource Guide
I am proud to offer the linked Grants Resource Guide to all Illinoisans interested in learning how to apply for federal grants. This guide covers the basics of applying for federal grants including information on registering your organization, locating grant opportunities, tracking your application and an overview of the grant lifecycle. This primer on federal grants will help anyone get started.
Download my Grants Resource Guide

In addition to the Grants Resource Guide, I have identified a few reports issued by the Congressional Research Service that will help with your grant needs. Download the reports by clicking the links below.

Work with Us
Navigating federal, state, local and private grants opportunities is often a complex task and my office is here to help along the way.

Finding Grants
Identifying the best grant opportunity for you or your organization depends on a number of factors including experience, size, dollar amount, geography and much more. My staff is here to help find the right grant opportunities for you.
If you are interested in working with my staff to help find grants for your project please complete the form below.

Letters of Support
While some federal grant opportunities require letters of support from elected officials, it is always a good idea to demonstrate support for your project. I am happy to provide letters of support for worthy applications and project.
If you would like to request a letter of support on your project please complete the form linked here. We ask that you give my staff at least two weeks to review requests.

Tracking Grant Awards
After you have applied for any federal grant, you can reach out to my office for status updates from federal agencies. My staff can provide specific information regarding timelines and updates related to your application. Contact my Chicago office by phone to work with my Grants Specialist to track your application.