Transportation and Infrastructure

Senator Duckworth understands the importance of our nation’s infrastructure systems to hardworking families and businesses across Illinois. A well-functioning transportation system is critical to our state’s economic competitiveness and Senator Duckworth is working to ensure that Illinois has the resources we need to maintain that competitive edge. Whether you’re a farmer in Sangamon County, a teacher in Winnebago or a manufacturer from DuPage, we all rely on our transportation networks to get to work, sell our products or take a much-deserved vacation. 

As a member of the Senate Committees on Environment and Public Works as well as on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Senator Duckworth is working with her colleagues in Congress to help ensure our nation’s infrastructure is well-maintained to provide reliable, sustainable service for years to come. In her first few months in the Senate and in record time for a freshman senator, Senator Duckworth successfully passed legislation that the President signed into law to help cut red tape and remove delays for major infrastructure projects in Illinois and around the nation. 

As the senior Democrat on the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Water and Wildlife, Senator Duckworth is also focused on helping local governments better protect public health through safe and affordable drinking water systems and clean water infrastructure. These are investments in our communities that cannot be ignored, and Senator Duckworth is committed to working across the aisle in Congress to ensure every community in Illinois can grow and thrive.