National Security and Foreign Relations

Senator Duckworth devoted over twenty years of her life in service to this country in the Reserve Forces. As a former Army officer, she understands the security challenges our nation must contend with and the risks our Armed Forces face. As a Senator, she is committed to ensuring American troops have the equipment and technology they need to keep our nation safe, and to supporting policies that improve their quality of life. She is also committed to rooting out waste within the Department of Defense and opposing harmful policies that discriminate against or dishonor our nation’s warriors.

Senator Duckworth knows that Congress has an obligation to provide our troops downrange with clear guidance and legal authority for their operations and is helping lead the efforts to provide them with an updated Authorization for Use of Military Force for the war on terror. Illinois is home to Scott Air Force Base, Rock Island Arsenal and the Naval Station Great Lakes and Senator Duckworth is committed to advocating for these military installations to ensure they can continue to support our nation’s security and our state’s economic growth.

A strong and robust military is a principal pillar of our nation’s power, but is only one element in securing our national security. Senator Duckworth believes one of America’s greatest strengths is our system of democratic values and constitutionally-protected freedoms and rights. As the United States continues to lead in an increasingly interconnected world, it is important that we match our military power with the promotion of our values through diplomatic means. Defending and advancing our principles abroad will help our country effectively support international allies while confronting shared adversaries and threats.

She recognizes that the national security challenges facing our country will only grow in complexity and size in the coming years. Whether it’s countering the threats posed by global terrorism, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, sharing intelligence to prevent terrorist attacks or simply working together to respond to major global challenges, effective international cooperation is more important than ever when it comes to advancing our core security interests overseas to help make Americans safer at home.